Colgar Bending Machines

Colgar products for sheet metal working, consisting of big bending systems and complex automatic cutting centers, are a reference point in quality and reliability. High quality, consistency of results over time and tailor made solutions are features valued by customers and specific of Colgar products.


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presse custom di grandi dimensioni

Customized Oversized Press Brakes

A complete range of models and solutions, with a bending power range between 1000 and 5000 ton, with single or tandem configurations. The press brake can evolve into a complex system of automatic production, completely controlled by specific software for the production field, with the fully control of handling starting from sheet metal loading till to finished piece extraction.

presse ad alta tecnologia

Press Brakes Technology

The deep knowledge of under load structural deformations, the closer definition of allowable tolerances, the accurate calculation of welding and junction points, empowered Colgar engineers the design of “smart” structures, with high weight and optimized stiffness. Structures can bear high stress concentrations so granting to the end user maximum flexibility of use and precision of results over time. Design is performed with FEM Method allowing the study of complex elastic and structural analysis through the study of complex physical phenomena. Control is guaranteed by last updated numerical controls, equipped with telediagnosis for the remote checking and presetted to be integrated into Industrial Plan 4.0.

applicazioni industria 4.0


Application field is very wide: cranes, poles and tubes, earth and sea transport systems, wind towers, mechanical and civil engineering, trucks, buckets, telescopic arms. Cooperation with Customers to develop customized solutions is one of the key point to reach the positive realization of every project, keeping in mind very flexible market conditions that causes quickly changments into techical needs and kind of materials to be machined.

centri di taglio automatizzati

Automatic Cutting Centers

Customized big dimensioned fully automatic cutting centers, with high cutting capacity and lengths over than 6 meters. Possibility of developing both mechanical and hydraulic shears with high rate and high cutting speed. Numerical control on cutting angle, blades gap and axes positioning. Dedicated software for metal sheet movement, loading of material to be cutted and ended pieces unloading, stacking, scraps and nesting. FEM Method of design pay attention to welding, junction points and to heavy weight structures calculation.

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